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Festival Announces 2020 Tree Winners

By December 6, 2020July 9th, 2021No Comments
Who Says Money Can’t Grow on Trees? Presented by Sharing Susan’s Love

The winners of the trees, mini-trees, and wreaths of the 27th Annual Festival of Trees have all been chosen and are on their way to new homes in 48 communities – including one in California!

“Although this year’s event was held entirely online, that certainly didn’t reduce the enthusiasm expressed by everyone we called to share the good news,” said Maureen Pollard, chair of the Festival’s Tree Committee.

According to the Festival, conducting the annual event virtually certainly provided a number of new challenges. However, the Board was committed to maintaining the tradition that has grown to be the largest Festival of Trees in New England. “When you’ve done something for 27 years, the show must go on,” said Festival president Tom Lussier. “We’re enormously grateful for tree donor, every sponsor, and every individual who visited our website and purchased raffle tickets,” he added.

This year, the Festival introduced a new award – The People’s Choice – which was presented to the tree that secured the most raffle ticket. The winner – with 16,947 raffle tickets – was Who Says Money Can’t Grow on Trees? Presented by Sharing Susan’s Love. Congratulations!

List of 2020 Tree Winners