About the Virtual Festival

Welcome to the Festival’s Virtual Tree Raffle

Because of COVID-19, you may still prefer to attend this year’s Festival from the comfort of your home.

Or, if you’ve already visited the Festival in person, you may want to take a second look at your favorite trees and purchase a few more chances to bring one home on December 5th.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

This year, you can opt to visit either the Tree Raffle – trees that are two to nine feet tall – or the Mini Tree and Wreath Raffle. If you purchase raffle tickets for the Tree Raffle, you will receive 25 tickets – 25 chances to win – for $5.00. If you purchase raffle tickets for the Mini-Tree and Wreath Raffle, you will receive 5 ticket – five chances to win – for $1.00. The links provided below – Visit the Trees and Visit the Mini-Trees and Wreaths – will take you to the Festival Store to process your purchase.

Step 2

One you’ve purchase at least one set of raffle tickets you will receive two e-mails from the Festival. The first one is a receipt for your purchase and the second one – Something Magical from the Festival – will include your personal link to view the trees. If you don’t receive these emails almost immediately, please check your SPAM folder… some email systems don’t like these automated messages. (NOTE: You may receive a third email from the financial institution processing the payment.)

Step 3

Visit the Festival and enter to win! You will use the link in your email to view the trees and to enter your tickets to win. Each tree is presented on a separate ‘stage’ that includes information about the tree, mini-tree, or wreath. You’ll want to pay attention to a couple of things: Since all the trees may look the same size on the screen, we have provided the size of the trees. Also, many of the trees come with additional gifts – we have identified those items in the description. Finally, if you run out of raffle tickets, there is a link on every page to purchase more!

Preview the Virtual Festival

Additional Information

  • This presentation is designed to function best on a modern Internet browser. Accessing this on a browser that hasn’t been updated may impact the quality of its functionality.
    (NOTE: For the best Virtual Festival experience we recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a desktop.)
  • You will receive a link to the trees each time you purchase additional raffle tickets. Whether you use your tickets immediately or at a later time, the link will allow you to access the trees and submit your raffle tickets until the virtual Festival closes at midnight on December 3th.