Tree Guidelines

Tree Setup Schedule:

Although we expect the set-up window to run from November 1st to the 14th, a final schedule will be announced once we know how many trees will be presented. We will schedule enough time to maximize physical distancing throughout the process.

During all set-up times, we will require everyone – including all of our volunteers – to wear masks and to practice physical distancing during all tree set-up.

Since the Festival began more than two decades ago, we have developed this list of guidelines and helpful hints to make the most of your support:

  • Artificial Trees are donations to the Methuen Festival of Trees and will be raffled.
  • All items placed with the tree are part of the raffle.
  • Trees should have a tree skirt, topper and lights. Note: Although we expect you to have a tree skirt, this year we’d ask that you refrain from any under-tree displays. Keep in mind that each tree will be moved to be photographed.
  • The total height cannot exceed 9″.
  • Edible items, even if wrapped or boxed are not allowed.
  • Loose glitter, confetti and artificial snow are not allowed.
  • Spraying or hot gluing on-site is not permitted.
  • Although oversized – often elaborate – tree displays have always been encouraged, this year we’re asking for more traditional tree displays. Keep in mind that each tree will be moved to be photographed and then stored until it’s picked-up by its winner.
  • Items of value such as gift certificates or tickets should be given to a Festival Board member upon check-in.  Place copies on the tree.  The originals will be given only to the winners.  Other ornaments or items of value should be wired to your tree.
  • Each tree sponsor will be allocated approximately three (3) hours for set-up. If you expect to need more set-up time, please note that on your registration form. Some tree donors need to visit on more than one occasion to complete their tree. While we will work to meet the needs of every donor, please keep in mind our goal to maintain appropriate physical distancing throughout the set-up period. Remember to bring a step-stool or a ladder if the size of your tree will require one.
  • You will be directed to an approximate location for set-up.  Your tree will be moved to be photographed.
  • Please take all packaging and boxes with you when you leave.  Do not leave anything overnight if you have not finished decorating.
  • Keep in mind that trees may be viewed from all sides.