Tree Guidelines

Festival of Trees 2022

Tree setup guidelines and helpful hints

Since the Festival began more than 25 years ago, we have developed this list of guidelines and helpful hints to make the most of your support.

Upon arrival, please go to the check in station set up in the center of the atrium and check in with a festival tree team member. At check in you will be asked to verify the spelling and formatting of your tree name and donor name. This is a key step before the final printing of the tree display name signs. You will be assigned an ID tag number to attach to the bottom of the tree.

  • If you have items of value such as gift cards or lottery tickets, please make copies to place on the tree and turn in the originals to the festival team member at check in to be stored for safety and given to tree winner. Larger items of value such as products or liquor bottles should be secured to the tree with wire or tie wraps. Gift baskets should be wrapped in cellophane to keep contents secured.
  • All trees are artificial and are considered donations to the Methuen Festival of Trees. All trees will be raffled, and all items placed with the tree are part of the raffle.
  • Trees must have lights, a tree topper and skirt or under tree display. Please keep in mindyour tree may be viewed from all sides depending on location.
  • The total height cannot exceed 9 feet.
  • Edible items, even if wrapped or boxed, are not allowed.
  • Loose glitter, confetti , artificial snow, hot gluing or spraying of anything are not allowed in the atrium during set up.
  • Helpful items to have when setting up: a stepstool or a ladder if the size of your tree will require one. Scissors, tape, tie wraps, wire, ornament hooks, extra lights. Festival will supply extension cords.
  • Please take all packaging and boxes with you when you leave. Do not leave anything overnight if you have not finished decorating.
  • When your tree is complete return to check in area and let festival team member know your tree is complete. Team member will then go with you to verify where your tree is located, and that the temporary name sign is with your tree.
  • The festival reserves the right to move your tree to enhance the overall display.
  • During setup there are many trip hazards and breakable items throughout the atrium. For the safety of all if you have children helping with the setup, please have them stay with you, within the area of your tree.
  • There is no food or drink allowed in the atrium area during set up.