Current Projects

2023 Approved Projects

Each year, based on applications submitted for the Festival’s Historic Preservation Grant Program, the Festival’s Board of Directors approves a funding program based on the proceeds of the prior Festival of Trees. These projects are expected to be completed within two years.

First United Baptist Church, Lowell, MA

First United Baptist Church, built in 1826, has received a grant to replace the existing wooden bell wheel on their Paul Revere Co. bell with a new steel wheel as recommended by the Verdin Company (established in 1842 to manufacture church bells and clocks). In addition, the bell clapper will be refabricated as the existing clapper is also damaged and may damage the bell if not replaced.

The First United Baptist Church has received prior Festival grants.

The North Parish, North Andover, MA

This historic 1836 Meeting House is in the North Andover Old Center Historic District. From 2002-2014, nearly 2.3 million dollars have been used to restore the main church structure. This grant will fund the restoration of two paired sets of original arched windows on the front façade flanking each side of the main entry.

The Spaulding House | Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.

The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust has received a grant to mitigate water intrusion and resulting interior water damage at the Samuel White Duncan House. The total project is estimated to cost $100,000. This grant will assist with the civil engineering, site drainage work and other relevant exterior work.

The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust has received a prior Festival grant.

First Parish Congregational Church, UCC, East Derry, NH

The meetinghouse, built in 1796, is making major repairs to its clock tower. The work will include a new bell striking mechanism and cable connections to the clockworks, time keeping weights, the ‘endless chain system’ to drive the hourly chiming mechanism, clock room repairs, including motion works, drive shaft, clock face, and ultimately starting the clock back up.

First Parish Congregational Church, UCC has received prior Festival grants.

Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell, MA

Built in 1823, the Whistler House Museum of Art, the home of American painter James Whistler, has received funding for exterior restoration projects ranging from repair of original windows, shutters, siding, trim, deck and railings as well as painting of the entire exterior.

Whistler House Museum of Art has received prior Festival grants.

Hampstead Congregational Church, Hampstead, NH

Established in 1752, the Hampstead Congregational Church is the oldest institution in Hampstead, four years younger than the town hall. The grant is to restore the steeple which needs new sheathing, siding, trimming, and paint. In addition, the steeple weathervane will be fully restored.

Methuen Historical Society

Dating from 1726, Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Methuen. The Methuen Historical Society will restore 33 gravestones – completing a project funded by a prior Festival grant. In addition, the Society will begin a similar restoration project at Elmwood Cemetery in west Methuen.

First Baptist Church, Methuen, MA

The First Baptist Church, a Gothic Revival church built in 1869, symbolizes the new religious diversity that came with Methuen’s industrialization. The Baptists were one of the first groups in Methuen to break away from the orthodox Congregational Church. This grant will support the restoration of the exterior of the building.

The First Baptist Church has received a prior Festival grant.

Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Methuen, MA

One of Edward F. Searles’ legacies to Methuen, this monumental organ recital hall was designed by Henry Vaughn, merging Renaissance Revival and Queen Anne Eclectic styles. The Latin cross plan features a steep Flemish stepped gable with urns, and early Italian Renaissance-inspired tower and large round arched windows. Searles constructed the Music Hall to house the Great Organ, the first concert organ in the United States, built in 1863 for the Boston Music Hall (early home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra). This grant, which will be paid over two years, will fund window repairs and repointing of the Music Hall and the Carriage House.

The Memorial Music Hall has received a prior Festival grant.