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Reminder: Children under 12 are always free at the Festival.

Admissions (In-person for Branch Street)

Please note that theses admission tickets will provide access to the in-person event at 13 Branch Street.

Virtual Raffles (Online Use Only)

Please note that theses raffle tickets can only be used online to access the Virtual Festival.

Raffles (In-person for Branch Street)

Please note packages A, B, and C are only available for purchase online.

  • Raffle Package for One (PKG A)

  • Raffle Package for Two (PKG B)

  • Deluxe Raffle Package (PKG C)

  • Single Tree Raffle Ticket (PKG D)

  • Single Mini-Tree Raffle Ticket (PKG E)

  • 5-Pack – Single Mini-Tree Raffle Tickets (PKG F)

  • Charles Raffle – 1 Ticket (PKG G)

  • Charles Raffle – 6 Tickets (PKG H)

  • Charles Raffle – 26 Tickets (PKG I)